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Our neighborhood association just isn't complete without YOU!!! Join your neighbors at the monthly meetings to stay up-to-date on neighborhood happenings, and while you're at it, … show your monetary support by paying your yearly dues of only $10 per household or $35 for a business. (All CVSS residents are welcome, whether you rent or own!!!) Associate memberships are also available for $50, for individuals, businesses or organizations not located in the neighborhood but having a desire to support CVSSNA. This money goes a long way in helping make Capitol View-Stifft Station a wonderful place to call home! To join, just print and fill out the membership form , and then submit it with your check, payable to CVSSNA, to:

CVSSNA Membership
424 Rosetta
Little Rock, AR 72205

 Save a check, use PayPal!

Household Membership $11: Click Here

Business Memberships $36: Click Here

Associate Memberships $51: Click Here

Donate to CVSSNA (other amount): Click Here

You can now avoid the hassle of writing a check, or the hazzard of carrying cash by paying your CVSSNA membership dues by Paypal. You can use a Paypal account or your debit/credit card in the comfort of your own home. Once you join you'll get a confirmation message from Paypal, (that can serve as your receipt), which will be followed in a few days (or less), by a welcome message from the neighborhood association.

NOTE: PayPal charges a fee for each transaction, so we've added a "convenience charge" of $1.00 to defray that cost.

If you have any questions about the benefits of joining, please feel free to contact one of the neighborhood association officers. They will be more than happy to talk with you about all of the great things we're doing! 

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